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The Troubles Caused By Improper Eating.

There are many common improper eating habits such as snacking round the clock, under eating, over eating, eating food that is poor in nutrition, skipping meals, binge eating and, eating in a hurry, that trigger several health problems over a period of time. There could be many reasons that cause us to choose such eating habits. Regardless of the reasons, it is crucial to remind ourselves often, that such eating habits could cost us our health.

Our eating habits have a significant role in maintaining our health throughout life and avoiding certain diseases. Healthy eating habits enable our body to function well, which helps us stay healthy and active. Food that is poor in nutrients and high in fats, salt, sugar, artificial flavors, and chemical additives increases your risk of obesity, heart disease, inflammation, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tooth decay and other health problems.

  • If you are trying to lose weight, skipping a meal, especially breakfast isn’t a good idea, as it could make you overeat later on during the rest of the day. Rather, focus on portion control and healthy eating, that will gradually but definitely bring about the positive change in your health.
  • Give up eating in front of the screen and turn off screens when you eat. This will help you avoid mindless eating.
  • Start making better and healthier food choices. This will help you obtain nutrients from your diet and avoid food that has empty calories.
  • Make time to sit down and eat. Avoid the habit of eating on the go. When you eat in the car, or as you walk, it is easy to take in excessive calories and to opt food that satisfies your taste buds, but doesn’t contribute to your health.
  • Sleep well every night, as fatigue can lead to overeating.
  • Plan your meals/ snacks in advance and stick to your plan.

Don’t let your eating pattern stand in the way of a healthy life. Make an eating plan and include healthier versions of your favorite food in your plan. Making better eating choices with controlled portion size and nutritious food nourishes your health and helps you grow healthy, active and happy.


Listening To Your Child

Everyone feels good to be heard. Don’t you agree? When you choose to put your phone down sometimes and give attention to what your child is saying, do you see the difference in your child’s behavior? Listening attentively to your child strengthens your relationship and makes the child feel understood. You don’t have to reply to everything a child says or fix every situation, being there and engaging in the conversation helps you know your child better, and builds your child’s self-esteem.

Plan regular one-on-one time with your child, by taking a break from technology for that stretch of time and making the most of it to connect with your little one. Amid the myriad of demands in daily life, it is certainly not so easy to unplug and sit with kids. But there are moments when we as parents feel guilty about not being able to make our children feel valued. Don’t we ignore our children’s efforts to engage us when we are distracted by something futile?

How many times do we just say ‘okay’, ‘hmm’ to our kids, without looking at them when they talk to us? Have we really listened to what they had to say or pretended to listen? Texting a friend, scrolling through social media posts or simply watching the screen sometimes takes priority over engaging with our kids and we don’t often realize how the child feels about it. Engaging with your child helps you build a strong relationship with him/her. It helps you understand what’s happening in your child’s life.

How do you think can we make time to listen to our kids in our busy life? Do share your ideas in the comments.

Take Courage To Forgive!

In all that we say or do, reflecting on the implications of our words or actions, helps us to be mindful and respectful. You need courage to accept your mistakes and learn from them. Not everyone is strong enough to say ‘I’m Sorry’. A heartfelt apology, makes a big difference. It builds trust and strengthens relationships. Deciding to let go or to hold on to resentment is a struggle, but holding on to the hurt, never helps you heal. Withholding forgiveness magnifies the hurt and increases your pain.

There is power in forgiving. Small acts of forgiveness and mercy keep you from the negative impacts of pride in your life and help you grow in a positive direction every day. Certain experiences in life make us resilient and teach us meaningful lessons that stay in our hearts and help us live a purpose filled life. Though not always, at times, there is meaning in the emotional pain we feel. It gives you inner strength and helps you move on in life with meaning.

It’s true that forgiveness doesn’t undo the hurt, but when you forgive, the memory of the hurt doesn’t have the power to control your feelings or your behavior. Forgiveness takes away bitterness from your life and gives you peace. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you accept the way you were treated or that you give up your self-respect. Rather, it is deciding not to pay back your offender for the pain caused. Is actually sets you free from the struggle to get over the bitterness caused. It keeps you from revenge, helps you heal and move on with integrity.

Do you feel forgiving is better than vengeance? Do share your opinion in the comments.

Gratitude Is Powerful!

To accept life as it is and to appreciate what you have, requires an attitude of being grateful. Gratitude helps you acknowledge the blessings in your life and cherish them truly. The joy in simple things in life, the kindness in someone’s gesture, the beautiful sunrise, something that brings a smile to your face, many a time go unappreciated as we are not thankful often. If you start counting the blessings in your life, you’ll find that every moment has something that you should be grateful for. But quite often, we get caught up in pondering over what we do not possess or what we desire, which makes it difficult for us to be thankful in life.

Dreaming of a perfect life in this imperfect world could distract you from enjoying your own life. Are we grateful for the people we meet, for the food and shelter we have every day, for a good night’s sleep, for the changing seasons, moments of happiness, the goodness we find in nature, and for every new day of life? Is it not easier to overlook these things than to be thankful? A small change in life sometimes causes us to grumble all time and focus on negative aspects. But there are many good and kind deeds in the world, many reasons to be happy in life, that are not acknowledged, noticed, or appreciated.

Expressing gratitude helps you feel content in life. Rather than taking people for granted, we ought to appreciate and thank those who make time for us, show kind gestures, and stand by us when needed. Gratitude strengthens relationships and creates a positive environment around us. There is a lot in life to be grateful for and to be cherished. A person with a grateful attitude could inspire others to develop gratitude and detach from negative emotions.

This new year, make a choice to develop an attitude of gratitude, not only in your good times but also in tough times. It will keep you from stress, anxiety, and fear. It is not easy to be grateful at all times but is worth the effort in all circumstances of life. Gratitude builds your hope and keeps you from the impact of negative emotions. It helps you develop mindfulness and teaches you to focus on the positive aspects of life.

What are grateful for today? Do you make time to appreciate the little things in life that make you smile?

When You Prepare Your Own Food.

Eating out at times feels good and saves your cooking time and energy when you’re tired or have an occasion to celebrate. If you make it a habit to eat out regularly and not make your meals at home, for the sake of convenience, it surely could affect your health negatively. Cooking your own food is one of the best ways to take care of yourself, for you know the ingredients that go into the food and you can adjust it to suit your taste as well as your health.

There are many harmful ingredients that you can avoid consuming when you prepare your own food. A few such ingredients are preservatives, added sugars, artificial colors, chemical additives, and artificial flavors. Other benefits of making your meals at home are, strengthening your immune system, managing your weight, improving your digestive health, avoiding food allergies, and having nutritious food that nourishes and heals your body.

Real and whole foods made using traditional recipes are nourishing foods loaded with nutrients that promote our health. Whereas, instant food in modern times could damage our health in many ways. We can not deny the temptations in the present age for food with excess fats, salt, and sugar, soft drinks, and food poor in nutrition but great in taste. Knowing our traditional diet and not giving up making traditional dishes at home is essential to help our kids not to develop unhealthy eating habits.

The recipes that have been passed on by families can not be found elsewhere and it is important that we make such food and enjoy it with family and friends. It has become necessary in modern times, to deliberately choose healthy food in order to avoid processed and packaged food so that our health is not compromised. Rather than eating food that is stripped of, its nutrients and flavor, try seasonal and regional food, make your food at home, try to obtain traditional recipes, and feel the joy of eating without guilt.

Which traditional recipe would you like to try at home? Do share in the comments.

‘Tis The Season Of Giving

As we enjoy the festive season, it is important not to forget the real spirit of giving, especially giving to those, who can not give us anything in return. Make this season meaningful by making a difference in the lives of those going through uncertainty and losing hope. Along with material gifts, something priceless like kindness, love, appreciation, and gratitude could help you touch the lives of people. There are numerous ways to spread goodness around and help others celebrate this season with joy.

The more joy and hope you instill in the lives of others, the more will you experience inner peace and joy. Instead of being entirely caught up with the festivities, taking time to enrich the lives of those in need and reaching out will help us end this year meaningfully. Being good to others can’t be seasonal. It is necessary to pass on a message to the kids in our homes and families with our acts of kindness and love, that giving should be a part of us and should not be limited to a season.

When you give, do not be loud and make it known to everyone. But let the one who receives be filled with joy and feel the peace it brings to your heart. This makes life beautiful and the world, a better place. It is a blessing to have an opportunity to give to others, especially when they are not able to give you anything in return but are thankful for what they received. Do you agree?

Do share your opinion about spreading joy in this season.

Why Should You Reduce Consuming Added Sugar?

Some foods contain sugar naturally such as fruits, milk, and vegetables. Whereas some foods do not naturally contain sugar but have a lot of sugar being added in the form of syrups, hydrolyzed starch, artificial sweeteners, glucose, or table sugar. Sodas, flavored yogurt, cereals, cookies, candies, donuts, cobblers, ice cream, ketchup, spreads, and sweetened beverages are among such foods. Every time you consume added sugars, they contribute calories but not nutrition. What do you think about cutting down on added sugar and adopting healthy eating? Do you think you won’t be able to enjoy your food without added sugars?

It is possible to enjoy food in spite of limiting the consumption of added sugars. Choosing a healthy eating pattern has several health benefits and it need not be boring. Did you know that one serving of flavored yogurt gives 72 calories of added sugar? Small and healthy changes in your eating pattern such as choosing fruit over dessert, and choosing plain yogurt with chopped fruits instead of flavored yogurt, help you to minimize added sugar.

There is a range of negative health effects that are caused by consuming excessive added sugar. Obesity, diabetes, tooth cavities, heart disease, acne, inflammation, and fatty liver disease are among such health issues. Cutting down on sugar can help you reduce weight, prevent tooth decay, and reduce spikes in blood sugar levels. Checking food labels is the easiest way to know if food products have excessive amounts of sugar. There are many low-fat foods that are loaded with added sugar. Avoid such products by reading the label before buying them.

Snacks contribute a significant amount of added sugars. Common sugary snacks people opt for during break time are baked goods, cereal bars, pastries, doughnuts, candy bars, and flavored yogurt. The next time you choose them, have a look at the nutrition label and know the amount of added sugar they contain. Planning ahead and choosing homemade snacks helps you snack smarter and avoid the hidden sugar in commercial snacks.

Sugar is disguised in many names on the nutrition labels of food products. A few of those names are glucose, fructose, sucrose, hydrolyzed starch, corn syrup, molasses, dextrose, corn sweetener, cane sugar, invert sugar, lactose, malt syrup, maple syrup, raw sugar, and agave nectar. Be smart with your choice of food and take small steps that will help you to gradually cut off excess sugar consumption and regain your health.

Are you interested to try cutting off excess sugar from your diet?

What steps will you take toward this goal?

Here are some healthy sweet foods with no added sugar to satisfy your cravings for sweets without compromising healthy eating.

Educating Kids On Ethics.

Ethics hold a prominent place in every stage of life. To understand the significance and basics of ethics, it is crucial that kids are taught ethics in the education system as well as at home. It helps them to think ethically, to make proper decisions, and to distinguish good from bad. Ethical knowledge is essential for human well-being and self-discipline. When kids are given an opportunity to understand ethics with activities based on ethical themes, such as tolerance, honesty, or human dignity, they develop important skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, and teamwork.

Many a time kids question our decisions and the reason behind them. Instead of shutting them up by asking them to simply obey or intimidating them, it is necessary to explain the reason behind your decision. Talking to your child about the beliefs and ethical values that hold importance in your family, and getting to know their ideas in decision-making lays an ethical foundation in their childhood and helps them develop a moral conscience from within.

When children complain about the situations they go through or any problems that arise in their daily life, you must know that, though these issues seem very simple or silly to you, the way you handle them as a parent or a teacher has a huge impact on the mind and behavior of little children. Don’t ignore their problems or threaten to punish them. Rather, teach them in ways that help children make ethical values an important part of their lives and help them learn valuable lessons from real-life situations.

No matter how busy or tired you are, being careful with your words and behavior is very much necessary to avoid being a bad example to kids. It is easier to preach but not so easy to practice ethical values at times, especially when you feel a lot of stress in life. Reflecting on our behavior and being a good example shapes the perspectives of the children in our life with positivity and helps them practice ethical values throughout life. It also helps you teach children to reflect on their own behavior and see how it affects others around them.

Giving importance to good and kind deeds and appreciating such deeds is one way of teaching kids to treat others well. Emphasizing the importance of ethical values and showing them the impact of these values through good deeds helps them remember the consequences of our actions and behavior on the people around us. It strengthens their moral conscience and encourages positive behavior.

Do you agree that ethical values are essential at any age?

What are your ideas to make kids aware of moral conscience?

Do share your opinions in the comments.

Does The World Revolve Around You?

Have you come across people who consider the needs and feelings of others as less significant than their own? Being completely engrossed in your own interests and selfish concerns makes you insensitive to the needs of others. Self-centeredness leads you to show no concern for others and to consider your feelings and experiences as the only things that matter. Such an attitude keeps you from doing any good to others without selfish motives. Being good to others doesn’t reduce the importance of your needs or feelings, but makes you truly human.

There are many people who suffer due to the inconsiderate and rude behavior of others. We do find individuals who behave as if the world revolves around them and they deserve all honor in the world. Does this attitude bring them inner satisfaction or conceal their hard-heartedness? It’s never justifiable to take pleasure in someone’s misfortune. Discourteousness affects relationships, communication, and the well-being of others negatively.

Being courteous is crucial to make others feel valued and to be respected by others. In waiting lines, on public transport, or at events and get-togethers, it is necessary to be mindful of your behavior and be considerate of others. Being courteous speaks volumes about us. It costs nothing to treat others the way you want to be treated and surely pays off well in the long run.

It is not good to let your actions be influenced by the negativity you see in the world. Being polite, appreciating others, and knowing when to apologize creates a pleasant environment around you. It is necessary to notice how is your attitude affecting the feelings of people around you. Reflecting on your attitude often and improving it helps you have better relationships and makes you a pleasant person to be around.

How do you think can the attitude of people affect the lives of others? Do share in the comments.

The Value Of Respect In Relationships.

When you don’t agree with your children, spouse, or friends; when you come across a difference of opinion, do you get easily frustrated or do you stay open to discussion despite the difference? Some relationships get difficult or even fail when there is a lack of respect for each other. Be it the feelings, views, or opinions of the other person, it is important that you show respect even when you disagree. You can’t accept everything that people say, but disagreeing disrespectfully makes things worse.

Keeping a bond between two people strong at all times takes effort. When you don’t forget to respect a person for who he/she is, the doors to a healthy relationship open and it becomes possible for the relationship to grow stronger each day. Taking time to listen and expressing your disagreements gracefully helps you to express yourself without making the other person uncomfortable or upset. It is crucial to allow people to express their emotions, interests, and thoughts, to show them that you understand and communicate well before coming to a conclusion.

Mutual respect is a foundation for healthy relationships. Practicing positive behavior such as appreciation and gratitude, being open to communication, and apologizing when you must, nurtures your relationship. It is natural that people differ in their interests, passions, and qualities. Hiding your true self could harm your bond with each other. Instead, share your concerns and be honest in your communication.

It is essential to be respectful in your words and actions. Handle conflict without belittling or insulting the other person. Putting up with bad behavior and living in resentment will weaken and break your bond. It is vital that you speak up when you are not respected. No two people are alike, respecting each other and not taking each other for granted is very important for a relationship to grow.

Do you agree that respect has a profound impact on relationships?

How do you ensure that a person feels respected and not taken for granted?

Diet and hormonal health

Hormones play a significant role in regulating important processes in our body such as growth and development, appetite, metabolism, and reproduction. Several health problems are related to an imbalance of hormones. A few among such problems are excess weight gain, diabetes, and infertility. Hormonal balance is essential to keep your body functioning properly. Did you know that your diet has an enormous impact on your hormonal balance?

Eating a balanced diet, with enough calories, nutrients and fiber promotes hormonal health whereas a diet that lacks fiber, healthy fats, or enough calories disrupts hormonal health which could result in health issues. In order to avoid hormonal imbalance reduce the intake of processed food, fried food, and sugar. Eating prebiotic food like oats, apples, almonds, and banana is beneficial to your hormonal health.

Here are some dietary habits that promote hormonal health:

  1. Include healthy natural fats such as fatty fish, avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil, and, eggs in your diet.
  2. Reduce your intake of food containing added sugar.
  3. Replace processed and refined food with natural and nutritious food such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes.
  4. Eat gut friendly that promotes digestive health like yogurt and buttermilk.
  5. Include high-fiber foods such as carrots, beans, whole grains, broccoli, chia seeds, and dried fruits in your diet.
  6. Avoid overeating and eating food that is poor in nutrition. Eat a balanced diet and practice healthy eating habits.

A healthy lifestyle helps you avoid a range of health problems and keeps you from hormonal imbalance. Do not let your hectic schedules impact your lifestyle. Minimize unhealthy eating habits. Avoid opting for easy methods such as instant food and extensive consumption of packaged commercial food products. A Healthy diet is a powerful tool to restore your health and keep your hormones balanced.

Be wise with your choice of words.

The words we use say a lot about who we are. It is good to reflect once in a while on the words that we use every day and the message they convey. Every time that you have some thoughts or feelings which you would like to express, make sure that you reflect on them and choose your words wisely as you express what’s on your mind. Think about the impact they could make and their consequences beforehand, rather than regretting later what you’ve already spoken.

Many problems in our life can be avoided by being wise in our choice of words. Being responsible and using the right words to express what’s on our minds helps us connect better with people and keeps away misunderstanding or confusion. On the other hand, being careless with words stirs up a lot of trouble in life as you could convey a wrong message which you didn’t intend to convey or give a wrong impression about yourself or others based on the kind of words you use.

When you use words of assurance, be sure to keep your words and not make empty promises. It impacts your reputation negatively and could give rise to mistrust. Anyone who relies on what you say could feel hurt when you don’t keep your word and your relationship might weaken. There are no perfect people and mistakes do happen. But accepting your mistakes and learning from them is vital to avoid repeating those mistakes.

Be it in thoughts, writing, or speaking, words have power. Choose them wisely, for you can bring about clarity and peace or confusion and destruction with your choice of words. Sometimes silence is better than saying anything that you don’t really mean or is unnecessary. Be true to your word and you’ll not have anything to fear. You are responsible for the words you use or you refrain from. You have a choice. Be careful and make the right choice so that you won’t regret it later.

Being real or putting on a mask?

Though not often, at times you must have met people who make you feel so good with their kindness, and charm, only to know later that these gestures were temporary or not real and they don’t prefer treating people with the same kindness at all times, rather they fake it and give you a wrong impression about themselves. It would not be a surprise if they do not remember you, the next time you meet them or pretend to have forgotten you!

Have you met people with such fake personalities? Is it difficult to be ‘you’ in the world around you or is it comfortable to hide your true self and stay behind a mask impersonating who you are not? It is crucial to be careful what you choose to show people, for you tend to become what you pretend to be in the long run and it could be too late when you realize how far you’ve come with the mask on.

Having a fear of being rejected could be one of the many reasons for people to hide their identity. It is imperative that we keep growing in life, every day with new experiences and challenges. Hiding your real self will never help you grow into a better version of yourself. When you believe that certain values are essential for building trust in relationships, do not fake them, rather practice those values in daily life and make them a part of your life. This will make it possible for you to have confidence in yourself and be real, but not be inclined toward negativity.

Accepting our flaws and working on the areas of ourselves that need to be focused upon, gives us a chance to live a better life and have better relationships. Cultivating good habits and behavior is not a difficult task. It needs courage and patience. When you deceive people with your mask it has a negative impact on your life too. It becomes difficult for you to express yourself and be ‘you’. The real you stays hidden and eventually, it could bring you unhappiness and guilt.

How can we build good relationships by being ourselves and not pretending to be who we are not? Do share your views/opinions in the comments.

What lessons do you want your child to learn from your life?

The perception of life that your child develops depends a lot on your attitude toward life. Are you preparing your child for life with valuable life lessons or are you instilling negativity in the child, showing the negative and difficult side of everything that happens in life? In order to mold your child’s personality and help him/her lead a meaningful life, you have the responsibility of teaching and motivating your child as much as you can.

It is imperative that you practice the values that you want your child to learn. It is easier said than done when it comes to teaching our children through our way of living. Do we not show our frustration with our intense emotions and irritated mood while we ask them to have patience and calm down? Is it not difficult for us to forgive and appreciate others while we teach our kids to be kind, generous, and humble? More than what you say to your children, you teach them by the way you live your life. They easily absorb what they see us doing, rather than what we teach them.

When going through different situations and challenges in life, it takes great effort to practice positivity and mindfulness. Having a stressful day makes us easily irritable when we come across anything that could impact our state of mind. Such difficult moments could weaken us and make us vulnerable. Getting extremely emotional and frustrated in life makes situations worse and takes away the peace in our life and family.

If our kids have seen our intense emotions and quick negative reactions in our daily life, can we expect them to practice mindfulness and positivity? Will they not question our way of handling circumstances when we correct them? Family is a great blessing and being a role model to our children is essential to help our kids live with grit and embrace life with confidence and hope.

How do you think the life of parents can teach resilience and optimism to children? Do share your opinions/experiences in the comments.

Mindful eating helps you stay healthy.

Giving attention to what you eat/ drink helps you to avoid indulging in food that is poor in nutrition or is high in unhealthy elements. Some of the practices involved in mindful eating are, eating only until you are full, knowing your non-hunger triggers and eating only when hungry, appreciating your food, eating for your health and wellness, and eating slowly.

Mindful eating helps you overcome binge eating and emotional eating habits. When you eat mindlessly, you may eat food that isn’t good for your health or you may overeat at times, which can cause digestive troubles. Following a diet alone, can not help you achieve your health goals. Instead, give your attention to your food by not using your phone/screen when you eat and do not be influenced by emotions or external factors in choosing what to eat.

There is no perfect way of eating food, but there are certainly the right ways that help us take care of our health and avoid health problems that arise due to wrong eating practices. Observe your eating pattern and make the right changes toward mindful eating. This will help you have control over what and how you eat and avoid what is harmful to your health, rather than being worried about diets to follow.

Waiting until you are extremely hungry results in eating quickly and in overeating which is not a healthy eating habit and causes digestive discomfort. Stick to your meal time and plan your meals ahead. Make sure to choose nutritious food that nourishes your body and gives you energy. These positive eating behaviors contribute positively to your health and keep you from unhealthy eating habits.

Do share in comments, the mindful eating habits that you practice in your daily life.

Choose your priorities right

Taking time to consider what is important to you and your family, amid the distractions of life is very much essential for satisfaction and peace in life. When life brings choices to you oftentimes, making the right choice depends on how you set your priorities. When you’re sure of what you want in life and what holds the most important place in your life, you will be able to make your choices and decisions accordingly, without getting into confusion or frustration.

Priorities are not the same for all. Looking at how someone else chooses to live and making the same choices as them, could cause more harm than good in your life, as everybody has a different journey, different struggles, and different priorities. To be content in life, identify what makes you happy and what needs your attention. Not everything that you come across needs the same attention. Giving the same attention to everything in life will take away the time you could give to what actually matters to you.

People give you their advice and opinions based on their own experiences and perspectives. But your decision can’t be entirely based on someone else’s opinions. Though considering somebody’s advice could help you towards making your decision, your decisions in life should also be based on what difference these decisions could make in your life and how much it matters to you and your family. If your choices could affect your well-being or that of your family, be careful about what you choose, for your happiness is your responsibility too. Once you’ve made a choice, blaming someone else for what you decided is never going to solve your problems.

Taking up a lot of different tasks and responsibilities at a time, shifts your focus away from your priorities, which could gradually lead to dissatisfaction in life. Giving your time and energy to what actually matters is crucial to stay productive and focused in life. So, take time to reflect upon your choices, set your priorities right, and do not get distracted by what takes your attention away from your priorities.

Do you make choices in life that are based on your priorities or do you tend to follow the common trends you see in the world?

Are values a priority in modern families?

The decisions we make in life, the directions we choose to follow, and the lifestyle we become a part of, are all influenced by the values we live by and believe in. Having a clear understanding of values plays a huge role in our behavior and the path we follow in life. Can living by what someone else believes in, help you know your purpose in life? The values that are instilled in us from our childhood, play a vital role in the way we look at the world, the way we treat people around us, and our perception of life.

No matter how modern your family is or how far you stay from your home it is important to remember that values are not an outdated thing. They guide you throughout your life and help you find meaning in life. They help you know right from wrong, strengthen your relationships, and build your personality. You may at times find it difficult to stick to them or practice them throughout life. You will also at times feel that there are many who don’t believe in such things and do not live by principles. In such moments, rather than giving up on the values you grew up with, have patience and know that it is these values that give meaning to your existence and you won’t regret any day for having lived a meaningful life.

Be the ray of hope, love, and grit in the world, and drive away the darkness that fills your mind with the wisdom that comes with living by values. You will learn every day from your life experiences. Ensure that you fill your mind with positive lessons and make those lessons a part of your life. This will help you grow better each day and keep you from giving up on your values and principles.

The world could change, your lifestyle and goals may change, but the values your family instilled in you will stay with you and show you the right path to follow as long you know their importance and believe in them. Some of the most important values that shape our lives and help us be good human beings are respect, patience, kindness, loyalty, honesty, integrity, and humility. At every stage of life, these values hold priority, no matter where in the world you live.

Do you agree that values are still a priority in modern families?

Healthy comfort food for winter

When the temperatures drop and winter sets in, we tend to reach out to comfort food that is warm and nourishing. There are many options of healthy comfort foods to try in winter that will satisfy your tastebuds and keep you healthy as well. Healthy eating isn’t just about fruits and salads. There are healthy soups, stir-fries, baked dishes, curries, and delicious winter desserts. Here is a list of the comfort food you can try in winter, without compromising on your nutritional needs.


Photo by Mateusz Feliksik on

Stews are a comfort food during cold weather. A delicious and hearty stew on a cold winter day keeps you warm. Here are some healthy stews to try this winter:

  1. Seafood and bean stew

2. Chickpea and spinach stew

3. Kale and white bean stew

4. Slow-cooked curried vegetable stew

5. Chicken and potato stew


Photo by Navada Ra on

A steaming bowl of soup is a perfect comfort food in the chilly winter weather. Healthy soups help in boosting your immunity and avoid infections, especially in winter. Add these comforting and immunity-boosting soups to your winter soups list:

  1. Carrot, ginger, and garlic soup
  2. Chicken, garlic, and turmeric soup
  3. Lentil and lemon soup
  4. Chicken and barley soup
  5. Winter vegetable soup


Photo by Vary Ann on

Winter vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and snow peas stir-fried with mushrooms/ chicken/ tofu is a satisfying food to keep you warm on a cold winter night. You can pair the stir-fry with rice. Here are some seasonal stir-fries to make in winter:

  1. Winter vegetables stir-fried with black beans
  2. Chicken and broccoli stir fry
  3. Mushrooms, green bean, and bell pepper stir fry
  4. Stir-fried carrots, snap peas, and chicken
  5. Stir-fried winter vegetables with ginger and garlic.

Winter Desserts

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Some sweet dishes are better enjoyed in winter compared to other times of the year. They taste delicious when eaten fresh and warm and make a great treat on a winter holiday. Here are some winter desserts to try:

  1. Carrot and walnut pudding
  2. Carrot halwa (Gajar ka halwa)
  3. Apple crumble
  4. Rice pudding (Kheer)
  5. Raisin pie

What is your favorite winter comfort food? do share in the comments.

Do you make time for self-care?

Taking care of your mind, body and soul should always be your priority, no matter how occupied you are with never-ending tasks or chores. If you are not taking care of yourself, and procrastinating your self-care routine, you are harming yourself. Only you can take better care of yourself and understand your requirements, be it for your physical health or emotional health. When you take care of your overall wellness, you will be able to focus better on your relationships, work, goals, and all that you do. Being content from within is essential to spread positivity around. So make it a priority to take care of yourself every day in little steps.

Your physical, emotional, and spiritual health are all connected. Taking equal care of all these areas is vital to living a healthy and purpose-filled life. When any one area of your life is affected negatively, it has an impact on the other areas too. Everyday self-care helps you stay away from such negative influences and keep heading in the right direction. When you are not able to see where you are heading, you will feel lost in life, trying to figure out your purpose and path. This will make it impossible for you to guide those around you in the right direction or help them grow in life. In order to uplift others and be an inspiration, it is imperative that you experience inner peace and stay focused in life. A self-care routine in your everyday life helps you have that inner peace and better focus despite the cares and worries of life.

A self-care routine includes different aspects such as physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, mental well-being, healthy boundaries in relationships, regular sleep routine, positive connections, hobbies, healthy social connections, and maintaining healthy relationships. There could be many barriers that could come in the way of your self-care routine, for which you may have to adjust your plan instead of giving up on your routine. Take up the responsibility to take care of yourself, avoid unhealthy lifestyle choices, and make better choices for your well-being.

How do you manage to ensure self-care amid your busy life?

This video on my YouTube channel will give you easy and simple tips to begin a self-care routine.

A mother is born when a child is born.

She knows the likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses, and feelings of her children. Every step of the way, in all that a child goes through, a mother experiences almost everything her child feels. Did she prepare herself for it? How is she equipped to do all that makes her child comfortable and happy? It was when her child was born, that a mother too was born. Her priorities, dreams, and choices changed when she held her baby. There is so much she has given up and so much she has learned while bringing up the little child she gave birth to.

She makes life easier for you, knows when to correct you, doesn’t let you give up on your dreams, disciplines you to prepare you for life, guides and directs you, and doesn’t find time for herself most often. Is she always respected and admired for all that she gives? Does she not make mistakes? She surely does. But are we forgiving in those times or do we expect her to be perfect? The expectations from mothers in the present age are above what is expected from anyone else in the world. They are to be a perfect example, strong and cheerful at all times, motivating and loving in all circumstances, and the list goes on.

We all know the duties and responsibilities of a mother and it is easy to blame someone’s upbringing when we find fault in a person. Do we not have duties towards a mother? how much are her efforts and service recognized and acknowledged by her family? Make an effort in your daily life, to know how your mother is doing, to let her know that you appreciate her efforts and that her wellness too matters. Remind her to take care of herself, to make some time for herself, and try to know what makes her happy in life, for she knows what makes everybody happy at home, but her own interests, desires, and choices are not given importance oftentimes.

Do you find time to keep in touch with your mother? What are you going to say to your mom the next time you talk to her?